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Velocity Clip - Smartphone Video Mount

by Velocity Clip
Price $69.95

Velocity Clip is your universal video mount. Film hands free with any Android, iPhone, or compact camera. You can edit and upload immediately. With Velocity Clip adhesive mounts, you can record from any hard surface like your helmet, car dashes, or even use on tripods. The Velocity Clip has additional accessories sold separately (chest mount, head mount, bike mount)

  • Universal design: Use any smartphone on the market, put your favorite case on, attach a wide angle lens, whatever you’re into!
  • Extreme grip rubber: Have no fear, your phone will stay here. We’ve tested it at 150mph jumping out of airplanes. Yeah, it’s that good. 
  • 180 degree angle adjustment: Do you want to film what’s in front of you? Above you, below you, or yourself while you do something amazing?  
  • Exposed screen: Your screen is going commando, how does that make you feel? You have full access to your screen while your clip is mounted. 
  • Clip in and out: The clip built into the bottom of your Velocity Clip allows you to easily clip in and out of any mount we make, as well as select other brands of sports camera’s mounting plates.
  • 2 Adhesive Mounts – This is the base that can be mounted to any hard surface using the built in 3M adhesive. Mount this to your helmet, bike, snowboard, car hood, or just about anywhere else you can imagine. It is interchangeable with select major sports cameras base pieces. (Warning, do not mount to the exterior of rocketships or the business end of a sledgehammer) Includes 2 mounts, one flat and one curved.











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