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Xtreme Dual USB Car Charger Cradle Mount Holder

by Zshoppers SALE
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The product can mount your mobile device securely on your car while you are charging. At the same time, it has two charging ports, one for 1A(cellphone), one for 2A(tablet PC), which can provide more convenience to everyone along for the ride! You can also plug another usb car charger into the additional cigarette lighter socket , that means it's a 3 USB car charger mount! The LED light indicator allows you to clearly see the power status. Not only is your phone conveniently held allowing you to check your GPS, but you and your co-pilots can be charging up to 3 devices at once !!!

  • 2-in-1 car charger and cushioned expandable holder, Cigarette lighter adapter with Dual Charging USB Ports.
  • Easy to install no tools required. Full 360 degree rotation in either direction. Adjustable to both Portrait and Landscape.
  • Adjustable holding arm ideal for mobile phones, navigation, MP3, MP4, etc. 
  • Does not require you to stick anything to your windshield.

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